PARKing Day Dallas TODAY in Pegasus Plaza

In case you’ve forgotten today was PARKing Day in Downtown Dallas around Pegasus Plaza. I stopped by earlier and was thrilled with the setup as well as the turnout. Planter boxes were set up to create barriers between traffic and the extended sidewalk in makeshift “booth” areas. Main Street was extra lively with Downtown denizens of every age. Everything from makeshift soccer fields, drum groups, art displays, and free goodies courtesy of Yelp. The event was well planned and it took me back to my recent visit to Toronto where setups like this are permanent.



  1. Bill Chance

    I am so disappointed I had to miss Parking Day (couldn’t get off work). This is getting bigger and more interesting every year – have to make plans for the next one ahead of time.

    Nice photos, thanks for sharing.

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